September 17, 2014

dribbling with finesse

1 v. 1 Dribbling with Fitness

As a coach it’s important to emphasize that your team maintains a high level of fitness, because teams that can outlast opponents on the pitch often find ways to score in crunch time. The 1 v. 1 Dribbling with Fitness drill is centered on skilled dribbling, quick reaction time and speed.

Start by having players pair up, and make sure their fitness levels are similar so it’s a fair race. Have the pairs sit down along the end line facing away from the pitch, and give each pair one ball. The coach or coaches will walk along the end line and kick the pair’s ball out toward midfield. Once kicked, players will immediately stand up, turn around and run after the ball. After one player gains possession, they’ll need to dribble the ball back to the end line to gain a point, all while the opposing player plays defense. If the defender steals the ball and returns it to the end line first, they’ll receive the point. The game will continue until one player earns five points.

Bonus Drill: Knockout

Knockout is a classic soccer drill and one of our favorites at Semper Soccer. This fun and competitive drill poses the entire team against each other in a battle to maintain possession.

Create a large circle to accommodate all of your players. Give each player one ball and have them spread out around the circle. The drill starts on the coach’s whistle. The object of the drill is for players to maintain possession of their ball while kicking teammates’ balls out of the circle. The last player standing wins.

Use both of these drills during your next practice to work on dribbling skills and emphasize the importance of fitness. Make sure to check back with the Semper Soccer blog as we continue to provide you with drills to help your team improve throughout the season.