August 13, 2014

attack to defense

Attack to Defense

One of our favorite soccer drills, Attack to Defense, is extremely fun and helps players of all ages improve their attacking and defending skills. The drill is best conducted at a fast pace, and in addition to benefiting attackers and defenders alike, this drill is also great for goalies as it allows them to face a high number of rapid shots.

To begin, create an area about the width of the penalty box, place one keeper in the net and divide your team into two lines on the edge farthest from the goal. Every player needs a ball. On the coach’s whistle, the first player on Side A will quickly dribble down the edge of the penalty box-sized area and take a quick shot on their approach to the goal.

This is when the fun starts. Immediately after the first shot is taken, the player from Side B will rapidly dribble toward the net and attack. At the same time, the player who just shot from Side A will turn around to defend the attack from Side B. Once Side B takes a shot on net, that player will turn around to defend the next attacker from Side A. Meanwhile, the first player from Side A should retrieve a ball and head to the back of the line.

The fast pace of this drill keeps players on their toes and helps them develop into decisive players. Semper Soccer drills are intended to make your team better in all scenarios. The Attack to Defense drill is fun, competitive and helps kids of all ages practice the fundamentals of attacking and defending at a fast pace.