Soccer Buying Guide

Congratulations! You’ve decided to put your little guy or gal into the world’s hottest sport. The next step is equipping them safely and properly. By referring to the informative guide below and shopping our large selection of inventory that includes names like NIKE, Puma and adidas, you’ll find everything you need. Score one more goal with our Low Price Guarantee, which ensures you’ll pay the lowest prices available. Once you’ve put together a Starter Kit for your beginning player, our on-site warehouse distribution facility will get it to you lightning fast, and your child will be on the road to soccer stardom in no time!

Necessary items for a young beginner include shinguards, shoes, uniform, soccer balls and a player’s bag.


Shinguards protect the shin and ankles from kicks, scrapes and bruises. Design, length and ankle protection are important things to consider. Shinguards with Velcro straps are ideal for young players, as they provide the most secure attachment. Also, some shinguards are designed with ankle protection for added comfort. You may feel this is important for your child’s additional safety. Finally, the correct length for little Johnny or Susie is fundamental to the best leg protection. To find out what size you need to order, measure the leg from right below the kneecap to an inch above the top of the shoe. Refer to the measurements on any pair of shinguards on to see what size to order.

Blister Prevention Tip: Many experienced soccer players use two layers of socks to prevent blisters. For example, when using slip-in shinguards beneath longer soccer socks, they add a quick athletic tape wrap over the sock above and below the shin guard to keep it in place. Then they slip on a pair of thin socks over the first pair, ones that come up to the bottom of the shin guard. This double layer minimizes abrasion.

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The proper style of shoes is determined by the type of surface your child will be playing on. Options include firm ground, indoor and turf styles. Firm ground cleats are designed for firm or soft, but not muddy, outdoor fields, while soft ground cleats perform best on muddy or wet fields. Indoor shoes feature flat, rubber soles for indoor surfaces, and turf styles are made for artificial fields. It’s important to know the surface your child will be playing on, as using incorrect shoes results in poor performance and, more importantly, possible injuries. For example, using firm ground cleats on an artificial surface can be dangerous because the unnecessarily strong grip could cause excess joint stress. Shop All Children’s Soccer Shoes

Soccer Balls

Soccer balls come in several sizes and styles. Most beginner players will need a basic ball in the correct size. Size 3 is for youth up to age 8, size 4 is for ages 8-12 and size 5 is for ages 13 and up. You might also consider a mini ball for practicing. Shop All Soccer Balls


The uniform of most young players consists of a t-shirt, shorts and soccer socks. Often, the t-shirt is provided by the league or organization your child is playing in. However, has an assortment of clothing items to fit your needs. Shop All Team Uniforms


Don’t forget a player’s bag for all of your player’s gear. Player’s bags can be anything from a drawstring sack pack for less gear to backpack style bags to generously sized duffle bags. Shop All Soccer Bags

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