Soccer headgear by Storelli and modeled by Wayne Rooney

Storelli Soccer HeadguardSoccer headgear was far from the forefront of players’ minds prior to the opening weeks of the English Premier League. For decades it was rare to see a soccer player of any age wearing headgear on the pitch. However, the athletic landscape has changed and as we begin to learn more and more about the consequences of head injuries across all sports it’s important to protect ourselves and our children during competition.

wayne-rooney-injuryThree games into the EPL season Manchester United forward Wayne Rooney suffered a severe gash on his head while training. He was expected to miss up to three weeks of the English Premier League schedule and his appearance in the club’s Champions League opener was in jeopardy. After hearing the collective “sigh” from Man U supporters, a small start-up company called Storelli, based in Brooklyn, N.Y., and specializing in manufacturing protective gear for soccer players, reached out to the club and Rooney’s camp with a solution.

Storelli created ExoShield Headguard, a futuristic headband design with extensive protective properties for adult and youth soccer players. Made from military-grade foam used in combat helmets, this soccer headgear disperses G-forces experienced when a player’s head is rattled by the ground, ball or opposing player.

Storelli conducted G-force studies and found that the most G-forces in head collisions occurred when the back of a player’s head struck the ground – similar to a recent injury suffered by Tottenham goalkeeper Hugo Lloris. This led to the headgear’s bulkier back design adding further protection – Storelli’s headgear design is also shaped to allow ponytails to hang through for female players.

Storelli received a quick response from Manchester United doctors as well as Rooney stating their interest and desire to see samples of the headgear. With approval from team doctors and the club’s star forward, and in compliance with FIFA’s strict guidelines, the revolutionary soccer headgear was ready for action on a professional pitch.

Storelli Soccer HeadguardSince Rooney’s return to the Man U lineup he has scored seven goals in eight games, including one header. So far, Storelli soccer headgear has been a success and the company is receiving more attention than ever with Wayne Rooney’s ringing endorsement. Learn more about ExoShield Headguard or order a soccer headguard for the upcoming season.