April 27, 2017

NIKE Soccer Cleats Buying Guide

We carry a vast array of NIKE soccer cleats at Soccer Savings. Whether you play on firm ground, soft ground, artificial grass or turf, we’ve got you covered. But, when it comes to NIKE, you have four collections to choose from. Each option has its own unique features for soccer players. How do you know which one is best for your game? You’re in the right place. In this NIKE soccer cleats guide, we’ll explain the differences between Mercurial, Hypervenom, Magista and Tiempo to help you find the right match.

NIKE soccer cleats are available in 4 unique silos: Mercurial, Hypervenom, Magista and Tiempo.

NIKE soccer cleats are available in 4 unique silos: Mercurial, Hypervenom, Magista and Tiempo.


First up, NIKE Mercurial cleats are all about helping you play as fast as possible. Lightweight materials are combined with minimal construction to create a system of speed. The outsole features NIKE’s 3D speed plate. It’s made of extremely lightweight material and features a Mercurial-specific traction pattern designed to help you make moves fast. The upper features a strategically made traction pattern that provides the best touch on the ball while moving at high speeds. Some of the fastest soccer players wear Mercurial cleats, most notably wingers and strikers like Cristiano Ronaldo, Alexis Sanchez, Eden Hazard and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The signature CR7 cleats are Mercurial models.

NIKE soccer cleats built for speed: Mercurial is used by the world's fastest attacking players.

NIKE Mercurial soccer cleats are built for speed and used by the world’s fastest attacking players.


NIKE’s Hypervenom cleats give strikers maximum agility and deceptive moves. When you’re the player being counted on to put the ball in the net, Hypervenom is the collection for you. The raised texture on the upper keeps the ball under control when you need to cut around defenders. NIKE’s HyperReact Strike Zone uses foam pods in the upper to return energy and create more powerful shots. Even the outsole is designed for agile performance. The HyperReact sole plate varies in thickness for more flexible support. Thin forefoot flex hinges create quick, agile movements. Hypervenom cleats are worn by forwards who depend on agility and deceptive movement to score goal. Notable players include Neymar, Harry Kane, Robert Lewandowski and Alex Morgan.

Agile NIKE soccer cleats: Hypervnom is perfect for players who need control and agility to put the ball in the net.

The Hypervenom NIKE soccer cleats are made for agility and control for goal scorers.


NIKE Magista cleats are known as the playmaking cleat. It all starts with 3-D texture on the upper. NIKE placed the texture on high-use areas of the shoe to increase touch on the ball. Next, they studied data to create the ideal traction. This resulted in the rotational traction zone. The unique cleat pattern is ideal for making quick turns and staying agile as a playmaker. The one piece, tongueless upper uses NIKE’s Flywire Technology for locked down fit. Greater fit and greater control adds up to quality playmaking. That’s the type of performance creative soccer players depend on. Some of the players you”ll see in Magista include Kevin De Bruyne, Blaise Matuidi and Arda Turan.

Magista: NIKE soccer cleats designed for creative playmaking.

NIKE Magista soccer cleats provide control for creative playmakers.


Finally, the Tiempo soccer cleats are made for dominating touch. NIKE says these cleats are designed for first attack. Tiempo is preferred by players who need touch and reliability under pressure. This is the preferred option for most defenders. Premium leather conforms to your foot for a snug fit and reliable touch. Quilted foam creates consistent touch and feel on the ball as well. Your foot stays locked into place with a heel counter and internal mid-foot cage so you don’t slip. Sure footed performance come standard with Tiempo soccer cleats. Last but not least, these shoes give you maximum traction. The flexible sole plate moves with your foot while bladed and conical studs offer maximum traction and stability. Jerome Boateng, Gerard Pique and Sergio Ramos are among those who wear these comfortable cleats.

Tiempo: NIKE soccer cleats made for dominating, consistent touch.

NIKE Tiempo cleats provide dominating touch with locked down fit for players who need to be reliable on the ball.

There you have our breakdown of the four families of NIKE soccer cleats. As a quick recap, keep these points in mind. Mercurial is for explosive speed, Hypervenom is for deadly finishing, Magista is for creative playmaking and Tiempo offers dominating touch. Now that you’re familiar with each of the collections choose from a massive variety of colors, styles and sizes to fit your game at Soccer Savings.

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