August 26, 2014

3 vs. 3 plus 3

3 vs. 3 Plus 3

The majority of time spent during any soccer game involves fighting for possession and controlling the pitch. This drill allows your players to focus on exactly these two objectives without distracting them with opportunities to score. The 3 vs. 3 plus 3 drill allows players to work on their passing and receiving skills while focusing on the importance of moving without the ball. It also teaches them to take advantage of available angles to maintain possession.

Start by creating a 20×20-yard grid and divide your players into three teams of three players each, all wearing differently colored penny jerseys. The drill starts by designating one team as the first defenders while the other two work together to maintain possession. Once the defending team takes possession or the two teams on offense lose the ball out of bounds, the team responsible for committing the turnover becomes the defenders. The coach can make this transition easier by yelling out the new defending team’s color to help players rotate properly.

Coaching points

Make sure your players are practicing good control on the first touch and delivering accurate passes to their teammates’ feet. This is also a great time to breakdown the use of angles with a player advantage so your players can see the pitch in a new light. Awareness is a major aspect of this drill, so it’s important to make sure your players have their heads up when passing, receiving or dribbling throughout the drill.

One variation you can make for younger players is to rotate defenders every two to three minutes so each team has an opportunity to control the ball.

This is a fun and competitive drill that doesn’t involve scoring yet practices skills vital to soccer player development. Make sure to check back with the Semper Soccer blog each week for more soccer drills to help your team succeed this season.