September 10, 2014

clean the room

Clean the Room

The best soccer drills for young players incorporate multiple aspects of the game, and the Clean the Room drill involves dribbling, defending and conditioning. Clean the Room is a great drill for players just learning how to dribble under pressure, and it gives defenders a chance to improve their attacking skills, too.

To start, create a 20×20-yard grid and adjust as needed depending on the number of players. Assign one defender to play the role of room cleaner. The rest of the players are each given a ball and should start dribbling inside the grid; coaches should stress the importance of maintaining ball control while the players are dribbling. On the coach’s command, the room cleaner will enter the grid and attempt to steal the ball away from each player. Once the cleaner has possession, he or she should kick the ball as far outside the grid as possible. After the ball is kicked outside the grid, the dribbler needs to retrieve it before reentering. The room is clean once all balls are outside of the grid.

Depending on the number of players, you can start the drill with two room cleaners or force dribblers to do 10 push-ups or jumping jacks before reentering the grid. This is a great game for young soccer players, as it will help them learn how to dribble under pressure.

Soccer drills are meant to be fun and competitive while helping players of all ages work on their game. This is the perfect drill for teams struggling to maintain possession of the ball or win defensive attacks. Make sure to check back next week for another Semper Soccer drill to help your team improve.