goalie super set

Goalie Super Set

Goalies rely on quick reflexes, overall agility and exceptional coordination to maintain balance while blocking shots from all directions during a match. Soccer conditioning is just as important for goal keepers as it is for the rest of the team. In order to maintain balance and have the strength to fend off laser shots on the pitch, keepers need solid core strength. Here are two workouts you can incorporate into your workout routine to increase your vertical jump and strengthen your core.

Single-arm dumbbell snatch

This is a great workout for arm, shoulder and overall core strength. Grab a weight you feel comfortable with, as this workout involves an intense movement; start with a low weight and move your way up, if necessary. First, assume an athletic stance with your feet shoulder-width apart and keep your palm facing forward with the weight in hand. In one motion, slightly jump off the ground while keeping your hips down and rotate the dumbbell up toward the ceiling, making sure to land in the same stance. Maintaining proper form is essential to working your core during this exercise. Perform four sets of eight to ten reps.

Jump box with ball

This exercise is a great way to increase your hand-eye coordination and reaction speed, all while improving your vertical jump. Use a 12- or 18-inch jump box and find a partner. Start on top of the box, jump down and land in an athletic stance with your hips down and feet shoulder-width apart. Once you land, have your partner throw a ball above your head. Jump and catch the ball, and before landing, toss the ball back to your partner. Once you land, turn around and step back on the box. Perform five sets at of ten reps each.

Watch a video of US Women’s goalie Hope Solo performing these drills with the USWMT head strength and conditioning coach. Semper Soccer is dedicated to helping improve soccer conditioning for all positions. Make sure to check back next week for another helpful workout to add to your offseason routine.