home workouts

Home Workouts

Student-athletes at all levels need to find a balance between work, sports and school. Juggling all of these responsibilities can be challenging, especially when you factor in extra time for practice and workouts to elevate your performance on the pitch. You don’t need a multi-faceted practice facility or gym to sculpt your body with a topnotch workout. We’ve put together a number of exercises you can perform in or outside your home in order to improve your strength and agility around your busy schedule.

Ball quickness

  • Inside circles: Set up a small circular area about the size of a hula-hoop and dribble around the circle using just the inside of your foot. This will improve ball control and overall quickness.
  • Toe taps: This classic soccer drill has players quickly hop from one foot to the other tapping their toes on top of the soccer ball.


Pushups and planks are great core exercises you can always perform at home, but many athletes don’t know about the similar leg workouts you can also do without any weights:

  • Jump squats: Place your feet shoulder-width apart with your back straight, as you would when performing a normal squat. While maintaining this stance, lower your body with your hands at your sides. Once your knees reach a 90-degree angle, quickly explode up by jumping off the ground and reach for the ceiling. Continue this motion for 30 seconds.
  • Reverse lunges: Opposite of the forward lunge, reverse lunges are a great exercise for the hamstring and glutes. The most important part of this workout is keeping your front knee behind your toes.


  • Forward and lateral bounds: Both forward and lateral bounds are great exercises to increase your vertical jump and overall leg strength. Each exercise involves leaping forward or from side-to-side while maintaining an athletic stance.


  • Cone drills: You can perform a number of cone drills to improve your soccer foot skills with or without the ball. The video linked above displays a few.
  • Speed ladder drills: Create a ladder on your driveway using chalk and watch the linked video for a variety of speed ladder drills to increase explosive power and speed.

Perform these workouts in the comforts of your home to get a leg up on your competition, and make sure to check back with our Semper Soccer blog for more fitness and training tips to improve your game.